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Preparing For Preschool

Your little one is getting ready to embark on a big step: going to preschool! I know Mama, it's a BIG step. I was exactly where you were just yesterday 4 years ago. If you and your little one are preparing for preschool, here are some great tips to help make this transition as smooth and tear-free as possible! Trust me, as a mom who's gone through this, and as a preschool teacher, I know just how hard this step is, but with some good routine and preparation, you'll be sending your little one … [Read More...]


Super Fun Backpacks for Preschoolers

Preschool is right around the corner and you are busy buying all the school supplies and preparing for preschool. Trust me, I get it. To help your preschooler get used to the idea of preschool, let them help you choose their backpack. Finding … [Read More...]

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A letter to my son about bad guys

A Note To My Boy About Bad Guys

Dearest Mason,  Just within 2 days, you've heard Mommy and Daddy talking about the scary events that happened right here in our community and in Orlando. Bad guys with guns. The lady in the … [Read More...]

Harambe the gorilla (Image By: Mark Dumont / https://flic.kr/p/sdqM52)

G is for Gorilla and Grace

  Let's be honest. By now, you've heard the story of the tragic killing of Harambe, the silverback gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. If you haven't heard the story, the rock you're living under … [Read More...]

Choosing A Preschool: Tips for Parents

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

  I'm a sucker for holidays, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Last year, when my little one woke up, I had some fun breakfast choices waiting for him. This made the celebration fun, and … [Read More...]

Sensory Toys For Kids Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Sensory Toys For Kids

  As a preschool teacher and mom, one of my favorite things to do is sensory play. Whether that be through sight, smells, touch, or sound, sensory toys for kids let them explore their … [Read More...]

15 Kids Gifts Under $15

15 Best Kids Gifts Under $15

  Need a great idea for a kids gift under $15? If so, you'll love this list of inexpensive standouts!  These gifts under $15 are PERFECT for Christmas, stocking stuffers, birthday … [Read More...]