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A letter to my son about bad guys

A Note To My Boy About Bad Guys

Dearest Mason,  Just within 2 days, you've heard Mommy and Daddy talking about the scary events that happened right here in our community and in Orlando. Bad guys with guns. The lady in the cafe was asking me my thoughts, and you overheard. The sheriffs and news vans are still all over our neighborhoods, and you asked me why. Cities all over the world are showing their rainbow pride on the news, and you're curious.  Buddy, all I can tell you is that I want nothing more than to … [Read More...]

Harambe the gorilla (Image By: Mark Dumont / https://flic.kr/p/sdqM52)

G is for Gorilla and Grace

  Let's be honest. By now, you've heard the story of the tragic killing of Harambe, the silverback gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo. If you haven't heard the story, the rock you're living under must be treating you real nice.  This … [Read More...]

Road Trip Activities

10 Super Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids

Summer is here and for many families, like yours, that may mean it's time to go on a summer vacation! But, every parent's worse nightmare is having to hear "Are we there yet!" for hours on end. Have no fear! With these super fun and entertaining road … [Read More...]

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Choosing A Preschool: Tips for Parents

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

  I'm a sucker for holidays, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Last year, when my little one woke up, I had some fun breakfast choices waiting for him. This made the celebration fun, and … [Read More...]

Sensory Toys For Kids Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Sensory Toys For Kids

  As a preschool teacher and mom, one of my favorite things to do is sensory play. Whether that be through sight, smells, touch, or sound, sensory toys for kids let them explore their … [Read More...]

15 Kids Gifts Under $15

15 Best Kids Gifts Under $15

  Need a great idea for a kids gift under $15? If so, you'll love this list of inexpensive standouts!  These gifts under $15 are PERFECT for Christmas, stocking stuffers, birthday … [Read More...]

Gift Guide: Gross Motor Toys

Gift Guide: Gross Motor Toys

Whether or not you have kids of your own, you probably have at least one little one to buy presents for this holiday season. Here are our top picks for toys that will promote gross motor … [Read More...]

Spider Playdough Activity

Spider Playdough Activity

  One of my students' most favorite activities to do is playdough, so I'm always searching for new and fun ways I can make playdough fun more...FUN! This build-a-spider activity goes great … [Read More...]